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    Book Title: Decision Equity: The Ultimate Metric to Connect Marketing Actions to Profits
    Author: Dr. Piyush Kumar and Dr. Kunal Gupta
    Contributors: Dr. Kunal Gupta, Vice President at Burke, Inc.
    Publisher: Business Expert Press
    Date: 2011
    Description: More than ever before, marketers need to justify their decisions by linking them to the corporate bottomline. While this is a challenging task, what makes it more daunting is the absence of a systematic approach and an overarching metric to help make financially sound marketing decisions.
    In this new book, the authors resolve both problems. They introduce breakthrough thinking around the financial consequences of marketing actions, and propose Decision Equity as the ultimate metric to connect marketing strategies to financial success. Using numerous case studies from small firms to global conglomerates, they provide a comprehensive and robust framework for implementing a Decision Equity based strategic approach within an organization.
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    Book Title: Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation
    Author: Naresh K. Malhotra
    Contributors: Jamie Baker-Prewitt, Burke Senior Vice President/Director, Decision Sciences; Michael Baumgardner, Burke President/Chief Executive Officer (Retired); Sandy Bautista, Manager, Burke Corporate Information Center; Betty Fraley, Senior Vice President, Burke Account Management; Trenton Haack, Senior Consultant, Burke Qualitative Services; Jim Kershaw, Vice President/Senior Account Executive, Burke Client Services; Linda Klump, Senior Vice President, Burke Client Services; Mary Beth Mapstone, Senior Vice President, Burke Finance & Administrative Services; Jeff Miller, Burke COO; Tom Myers, Senior Vice President, Burke Client Services; Mike Pietrangelo, Vice President, Burke Client Services; Ron Tatham, former Burke Chairman; Greg Van Scoy, Senior Vice President, Client Services
    Publisher: Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
    Date: 2006
    Description: For graduate and upper-level undergraduate courses in Marketing Research and Marketing Data Analysis. Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation, 5e allows students to actually experience the interaction between marketing research and marketing decision-making.
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    Book Title: The Handbook of Marketing Research: Uses, Misuses and Future Advances
    Author: Rajiv Grover and Marco Vriens (editors)
    Contributors: Jeff Miller, Burke President & CEO, authored Chapter 7, ‘Online Marketing Research.’
    Publisher: Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, California
    Date: 2006
    Description: CHOICE MAGAZINE Outstanding Academic Title for 2007
    The Handbook of Marketing Research: Uses, Misuses, and Future Advances comprehensively explores the approaches for delivering market insights for fact-based decision making in a market-oriented firm. Divided into four parts, the Handbook addresses (1) the different nuances of delivering insights; (2) quantitative, qualitative, and online data gathering techniques; (3) basic and advanced data analysis methods; and (4) the substantial marketing issues that clients are interested in resolving through marketing research.
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    Book Title: Multivariate Data Analysis (6th Edition)
    Author: Joseph F. Hair, Bill Black, Barry Babin, Rolph E. Anderson, and Ronald L. Tatham
    Contributors: Ronald L. Tatham is Consultant to Burke's Board of Directors, and is Burke's former President/CEO.
    Publisher: Prentice Hall
    Date: 2005
    Description: Well-suited for the non-statistician, this applications-oriented introduction to multivariate analysis focuses on the fundamental concepts that affect the use of specific techniques rather than the mathematical derivation of the technique. Provides an overview of several techniques and approaches that are available to analysts today — e.g., data warehousing and data mining, neural networks and resampling/bootstrapping. Chapters are organized to provide a practical, logical progression of the phases of analysis and to group similar types of techniques applicable to most situations.
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    Book Title: Journey to the Top: Life Stories and Insights from Fifty Governors
    Author: Jaci Jarrett Masztal, Ph.D. and Diane M. Surette
    Contributors: Jaci Jarrett Masztal, Ph.D. is Practice Leader of Burke’s Employee Engagement and Retention Management Group; Diane M. Surette is Executive Vice President and Head of Burke Client Services.
    Publisher: Hats Off Books, Tucson, AZ
    Date: 2002
    Description: From personal interviews and other sources, Jaci Jarrett Masztal and Diane Surette have assembled the life stories and insights from fifty United States governors from varied backgrounds. This is a book about success and what it takes to achieve it.
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    Book Title: Rewards That Drive High Performance
    Author: Thomas B. Wilson
    Contributors: Rod Cober, Burke Executive Vice President, contributed a Burke case study in Chapter 6, Supporting a Business Turnaround.
    Publisher: AMACOM
    Date: 1999
    Description: Rewards That Drive High Performance profiles 39 companies that have successfully linked compensation to achievement. These original case studies reveal how each company devised its own blend of salary systems, incentive and bonus programs, personal recognition, and other rewards to recognize superior work and motivate high performance. And they give you a fascinating, behind-the-scenes portrait of what's happening at some of America's leading corporations.
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    Book Title: Return on Quality: Measuring the Financial Impact of Your Company’s Quest for Quality
    Author: Roland T. Rust, Anthony J. Zahorik and Timothy L. Keiningham
    Contributors: Anthony J. Zahorik, is a Vice President, Burke Institute.
    Publisher: Probus Publishing Company, Chicago, IL
    Date: 1994
    Description: Return on Quality is the book that launched an all-new way to evaluate quality improvement: from a bottom line perspective. Return on Quality gives you the tools to measure the financial impact of your quality program. Learn how to shift your organization's quality focus to the issues that really count and tie your continuous improvement efforts to higher profits!
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