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Accelerated Learning Labs®


The Challenge


High performing companies launch products five times faster than their competition. Speed to market can make or break the success of your new product initiatives. However, 80% of new product launches fail in the first year because products are not relevant to consumer needs. So you can’t afford to not listen to consumer reaction to optimize ideas, but you don’t have a lot of time for multiple quantitative and qualitative research steps…so you have to find a way to learn and move quickly at the same time.

Our Thought Leadership

  Burke is a leading research and consulting organization with a well-established product and service testing approach built on over 80 years of experience. Recognizing a need to accelerate the pace of innovation for our clients, we combined our experience in both quantitative and qualitative methods used to support decisions. Combined with Burke’s in-house technology expertise, we use state-of-the-art facilities where we create the ideal learning lab environment where you and your team can explore ideas organically and use real-time consumer feedback to support your decisions.

Our Process

  Accelerated Learning Labs® are a way for client teams to explore, test and optimize ideas using consumer/customer inputs. When done in person, we bring in 25-30 respondents at a time to answer quantitative questions about the ideas using devices that record responses that the client team can see populate live on a scorecard and charts in the backroom. The client team discusses those results and handpicks 6-8 of the respondents to stay for a qualitative session to explore the why behind their quantitative ratings. The client team uses the inputs to make decisions (change an idea, drop an idea, add an idea, etc.) before the next large group comes in. You iterate this way until you have an optimal set of ideas after getting input from about 150 people. The debrief is focused on clear action steps. The report summarizes the action items and documents the quantitative and qualitative findings.


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