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The consumer does not enter through the glass doors and suddenly transform into a different person-the shopper. Despite the fact that we split the consumer from the shopper for purposes of gaining specific insights, it is important to remember that we are talking about one person. All the knowledge, experience, and biases that the shopper has from their consumer experience are carried into the store.

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The Challenge

  Retailers, category managers and brand teams all have distinct needs for shopper information. Retailers need insights to help them drive shoppers to the store and increase their overall spend, and they are demanding "unbiased" knowledge and sophisticated insights from manufacturers to help them do so. In addition, retailers are marketing their own store brands and need information to create points of differentiation to compete against other retailers. Finally, they need insights to manage their "brand" and understand their equity as a retailer. Meanwhile, category managers and brand teams are charged with creating an exceptional in-aisle experience for shoppers and making it easy to shop the category. While the information needs are similar to those of consumer insights, the focus and the context for these shopper insights are quite different.

A well-rounded and relevant understanding of how to get shopper insights requires viewing the world through multiple lenses. We learn different things depending on the lens through which we view the consumer and the shopper. While consumers have preferences based upon their personal tastes and their families' desires, the dynamics of any given shopping trip can impact those preferences greatly. Additionally, while both the manufacturer and the retailer want to influence the shoppers to purchase, their end goals can be different. Understanding the view through both lenses allows the manufacturers and retailers to create a shopping experience that drives revenue for both.

Thought Leadership

  At Burke, we understand that shopper insights are more than just brand insights. As well as serving brand management, these insights need to provide answers for category managers and retailers to help them create a superior experience for their shoppers. Burke uses time-tested research tools to help you view your consumer through the shopper lens. Although the techniques are not new, the way in which we apply the techniques allows us to be in the mind of shopper before, during, and after a shopping experience. We conduct shopper research, but we also teach the fundamentals of shopper marketing through Burke Institute. We partner on many levels to help manufacturers optimize their brands, determine what retailers need to do to drive loyalty to their stores, and assist both of them with creating category loyalty.

Our Process

  As a core building block to insight, we conduct quality research to better understand the needs of the shopper. Our expertise includes a full- suite of observational and innovative qualitative as well as many quantitative approaches including Retailer Loyalty Studies, Shopper Decision Hierarchies (SDH®), Shopper Segmentation and Path to Purchase. Burke is unique in how we leverage these tools to deliver information that can be used to create immediate action at the shelf and within the retail environment. Burke takes a disciplined approach to the research, ensuring from the beginning that our deliverables are actionable and usable within our client's organization. When desired, we can take the results a step beyond to help manufacturers and retailers work together to create a better in-store experience for the category. At Burke, our goal is to help companies make more profitable decisions by providing superior decision support.


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