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In the rapidly changing world of qualitative research, Burke offers the important combination of innovation and creativity paired with true research integrity. Burke brings our clients holistic research by seamlessly integrating qualitative and quantitative research learning, while also conducting best-in-class ad hoc qualitative research. Offering a wide range of industry experience, global coverage, and a wealth of expertise in the art of qualitative techniques, Burke's dedicated Qualitative Consultants and supporting team are well equipped to help our clients successfully meet their objectives.

Our headquarters house a Research Studio with observer viewing and an inventory of digital devices for questionnaire pretesting and in-person interviewing.

Guided by the highest quality standards, Burke ensures that the "right" people are recruited, high quality, professional field services are used, and communication among the entire team is clear and complete. Research outcomes and recommended action is presented in powerful reports, delivered in a variety of formats for optimal integration by our clients.

Burke develops new techniques, while also customizing traditional approaches - always requiring the key learning objectives to drive the research design. Our team leverages a broad toolkit of qualitative data collection methods so that we can design research that optimally engages respondents to answer the business question at hand:

  • Accelerated Learning LabsĀ®
  • Communities
  • Ethnography/In-context Interviewing (in-home, in-store, in-restaurant)
  • Image & Video Diaries
  • In-person groups/IDIs
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Online bulletin boards & focus groups
  • Tele-depth interviews (including web-assisted technologies)
  • Webcam interviews/mini-groups

Burke's master moderators are carefully aligned to every project and targeted to the very specific needs and culture of our clients. We cultivate our qualitative talent through training and open dialogue sharing regarding techniques. Burke's Qualitative Consultants are well-versed in a range of techniques to glean learning from a wide range of respondent types.


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