Connected Perspective: Charting the Way Forward Amid Today’s Sea of Data

by Chad Buecker and Joelle Gwinner

It’s no secret that today’s insights teams are swimming in a sea of information. Data swirls in from seemingly everywhere— traditional sources such as brand and customer experience, transaction trackers, customer databases, qualitative reports and sales data – as well as newer streams including social listening and voice analytics.

The last several years have seen a clear need for knowledge management solutions to connect across multiple sources of insight. Our clients are on the front lines of this data surge; they are in critical roles, serving as strategic advisors who are leading their organizations in translating data into insights, and insight into actions. To top it off, they are being asked to do more with less resources in less time.

All this valuable information has potential business impact, so teams must sort through it, make connections and provide a guiding path of insights across their organizations. No small feat, right?

To best help our clients in this situation, we’ve found the best solution is leveraging a connected perspective approach. To do so, we leverage a suite of insight management tools to enable insights teams to rise with the tides of data and direct their organization towards action.

We begin by assigning a team of experts in business strategy, data analysis, and creative and strategic narration. Each team has a range of proven agile research consultation tools at their fingertips that are equal parts analysis, collaboration and creativity. After the data has been gathered, we then assess, align, synthesize and make meaningful connections along with our clients and their teams. The key to every engagement is the facilitation of fun, engaging, provocative sessions that push teams to find breakthrough insights that drive action.

Companies across industries have begun utilizing a connected perspective approach, as illustrated by this example study on brand experience engagement.

Interested in learning more about building a connected perspective or in sharing your experience navigating today’s sea of data? Please reach out—we’d love to hear from you.

Chad Buecker, EVP, Strategic Narration at Seed Strategy, leverages over 25 years of experience to help client teams across brands, industries and strategic challenges create solid foundations and compelling narratives that drive their businesses forward. 

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Joelle Gwinner, SVP, Enterprise Solutions at Burke, Inc., supports Burke’s largest programs and tracking initiatives through creating, implementing and monitoring strategies for value-added service delivery. She has a passion for connecting people, processes and ideas to inspire what’s next—and she regularly works with clients to apply Burke’s approach to provide a connected perspective. 

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