Key Takeaways From CRC 2022

by Jaswant Singh

Recently, our team joined marketing research and insights peers in New York City at the Insights Association’s Corporate Researchers Conference. Here are a few of our top takeaways from the event:

  • The future is a mirror.

    Our future constructs are based on our present expectations and environments. As Youtube’s Renato Verguto put it, “The future is a mirror back to the present.”

  • Why do they make those choices?

    As researchers, we often wonder why consumers act and purchase against what we consider logical. However, the consumer is the center of their own universe. We, as brands, are simply a singular vantage point that cannot encapsulate them as people entirely.

  • What happened to TV?

    Different generations are cutting cable at different rates. The industry must think of new ways to create meaningful touchpoints. Some prominent themes include meeting Gen Z where they’re at, and gaming and monetizing IP.

  • It’s more than about being seen; it’s about being heard.

    Companies of all types are trying to create psychological safety and inclusivity for all demographics to comfortably express themselves and make their voices heard.

  • We have more in common than we think.

    During round tables, it became obvious that we experience common challenges across the right insights industry – getting ghosted by stakeholders, finding the right sampling frame, determining how to activate on insights, and, ultimately, how to best deliver value to our clients.

  • Feelings over knowledge.

    While knowledge is an important underlying component to any persuasive argument, it does not ultimately motivate change. However, feelings do – they hook people in.

  • Your zone of genius.

    Instead of focusing on shoring up what you aren’t good at, or even focusing on your typical skillset, really hone in on “your zone of genius.” Doing so is what will exponentially set you apart from the crowd.

  • It’s not the lack of respect.

    When speaking of the challenges researchers sometimes experience when convincing leadership to align with research initiatives, Self Esteem Brands’s April Anslinger so eloquently said, “It’s not the lack of respect; they just don’t understand the value of what you do.” It is up to us to advocate for ourselves, and find the right people who will listen and who have the power to influence the broader organization accordingly.

  • Data quality is everyone’s responsibility.

    Ensuring data quality within online surveys is more than the practice of putting in measures to remove duplicates or avoid potentially fraudulent respondents. Reliability of data requires active understanding, from all parties involved, of how respondents access and engage with survey opportunities.

    Consider the following, across each step of the research process, to lead to more reliable data: How are the respondents being recruited for your survey? What is their motivation? Does that align with the research design? Are you designing surveys to be accessible and inclusive of your targeted audience?

Embracing her thirst for knowledge, Jaswant helps her clients explore and navigate business questions. With a background in research operations and her passion for storytelling, she is poised help brands leverage actionable insights to move their business forward.

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